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LNG database

We include access to our LNG Database with every subscription. Find specific answers about LNG fleet movements, expected deliveries, capacity utilisation, and much more!

Complete LNG market data
at your fingertips

Our service utilises multiple databases to connect the whole LNG market into one data producing machine.
We have packaged that data for you, so you can get the specific answers you need.

LNG on the Move

Track a specific LNG transport ship, see capacity utilisation in your area, or LNG imports / exports by company or country.

Global Trade Flows

Find out who is producing, buying, and selling the most LNG over a given time period; and track the trade flow globally.

Find Opportunities

Get answers to questions that can (or will) affect your business, by accessing data from all sectors of the global LNG trade.

Get answers
for your business

When you subscribe to our service, you gain instant access to our LNG database report, packed with essential information to help you make informed business decisions.

Still not

Try our
free trial

We will send you a preview of all four LNG market reports, so you can see exactly what you can expect from us every week and every month by subscribing. All with no charge or obligation.