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Dutch join forces off Indonesia to fuel world’s largest semi-submersible crane with LNG

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Three Dutch companies have cooperated in the bunkering with liquefied natural gas off Indonesia of the world’s largest and strongest semi-submersible crane, now headed for Europe.

Heerema Group, the Dutch marine offshore contractor, said the crane built in Singapore will be heading for Spain.

The semi-submersible crane, called the “Sleipnir”, will take 45 days to reach its destination. The vessel can be powered on a dual-fuel basis with LNG and Marine Gasoil (MGO), thus reducing harmful emissions.

The vessel has just received LNG in a ship-to-ship transfer 12 miles off the coast of Indonesia from the LNG bunkering vessel, the 10,000 cubic metres capacity “Coral Fraseri”, owned and managed by Dutch shipping line Anthony Veder.

“Since LNG is not yet obtainable worldwide this is among the first LNG bunkering operations in this area of the world,” said Heerema.

Another Dutch company, Amsterdam-based fuel supplier Titan LNG, has chartered the “Coral Fraseri” for the fuel operation, thus resulting in unique Dutch cooperation.

“We are excited by serving Heerema’s ‘Sleipnir’ in this LNG bunkering operation in cooperation with Titan LNG, and look forward to many more,” said Jan Valkier, Chief Executive of Anthony Veder.

“Shortly after adding the ‘Coral Fraseri’ to our fleet we have already mobilized her in the small-scale LNG market, which underlines our strong position and commitment in supplying the maritime industry worldwide sustainable solutions for LNG as marine fuel,” added Valkier.

Koos-Jan van Brouwershaven, the CEO of Heerema, said that not only was the “Sleipnir” the world’s largest and strongest sea-borne crane, it is also first of its kind as far as sustainability goes.

“We are making offshore history. No other vessel has such numerous features. Our LED lights and shore-power electricity are only a few examples of Heerema’s ambition in this area,” added Van Brouwershaven.

“The ‘Sleipnir’ design clearly showcases Heerema’s dedication to sustainability beyond simply compliance,” explained the Heerema CEO.

“It shows that we act sustainable because we want to. Not because we have to. This specific project of bunkering LNG is proof of this ambition,” he stated.

“We are very pleased to work together with Dutch company Titan LNG, since it provided us with good solutions for bunkering, in Singapore as well as in Spain. The involvement of a second Dutch company, Anthony Veder, makes this maiden voyage extra special,” added Van Brouwershaven

Anthony Veder said the “Sleipnir” will now set sail for Spain, rounding South Africa’s Cape of Good Hope.

In Spain, Titan LNG and the “Coral Fraseri”, which is returning to Europe via the Suez Canal, will again supply LNG bunkering services for the “Sleipnir”.