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Expected Cargo Liftings this Week

According to today’s vessel schedule, the end of this week will have seen 82 cargo liftings amounting to 5.78mmt, representing a 0.64mmt (12%) an increase week-on-week.

Pacific Basin

The Pacific Basin is expected to account for 38 of this week’s liftings, meaning that roughly 2.47mmt will be exported throughout the Basin by Sunday.

In Australia, Australia Pacific LNG is expected to lead the continent’s export terminals this week, with 5 cargoes (c. 0.37mmt) likely to be lifted, followed by Ichthys LNG (3 cargoes, 0.22mmt) and Wheatstone LNG (3 cargoes, 0.22mmt). Meanwhile, Gorgon LNG, NWS LNG, Queensland Curtis LNG, Pluto LNG, Gladstone and Darwin LNG are expected to ship a total of 11 cargoes amounting to 0.74mmt by Sunday. Shell’s Prelude FLNG barge, meanwhile, is not currently expected to ship LNG this week.

In Southeast Asia, Malaysia LNG is scheduled to export up to 6 cargoes amounting to 0.34mmt. Across the border, Indonesia is looking to export 2 cargoes amounting to 0.08mmt from Tangguh LNG and Bontang.

Other LNG export plants within the Basin, namely Russia’s Sakhalin-2 LNG at Prigorodnoye on Sakhalin Island and PNG LNG in Papua New Guinea are expected to export 8 cargoes, totalling 0.50mmt. 

Atlantic Basin

Meanwhile, the Atlantic Basin is expected to see 23 cargo liftings, so that up to 1.62mmt will be exported throughout the Basin by Sunday night. 

A significant share of those liftings is going to materialise in the United States, where Sabine Pass LNG and Corpus Christi LNG are preparing for a total of 4 cargoes (0.3mmt) to be lifted aboard, inter alia, the SM Seahawk (Sabine Pass) and the Maran Gas Mystras (Corpus Christi LNG). At the time of writing, Freeport LNG, Cameron and Cove Point LNG, however, were not scheduled to load cargoes this week. Their current liftings horizon lies between 9 October and 3 November.

In South America and the Caribbean, we currently expect 3 cargo liftings (0.2mmt) at Trinidad’s Atlantic LNG, via the Iberica Knutsen (0.06mmt), the Gaslog Hong Kong (0.08mmt) and the British Merchant (0.06mmt).

On the other side of the Atlantic, we expect up to 14 cargoes (0.98mmt) to be lifted during this week. Nigeria’s Bonny Island facility is currently scheduled to export 4 cargoes, amounting to 0.29mmt, whilst Algeria is expected to load 1 cargo each from Arzew and Skikda. Market visibility also suggests Angola is going to export a cargo aboard the Sonangol Sambizanga this week.

In Europe, Snøhvit LNG is expected to ship 2 cargoes (0.14mmt) via the Arctic Princess and the Stena Clear Sky whilst Yamal LNG is going to load 5 cargoes amounting to 0.37mmt by Sunday.

Middle East

Middle Eastern cargo liftings this week are likely to amount to 19 (1.56mmt) by Sunday, most of which (1.31mmt) are going to take place at Qatar’s Ras Laffan LNG complex, inter alia aboard the Al Sheehaniya and the Al Samriya. Oman is currently looking to load 3 cargoes (0.19mmt) aboard the LNG Mars, the Hanjin Muscat, and the Hyundai Technopia by Friday. The plant on Das Island in the UAE, meanwhile, is currently expected to load one cargo aboard the Mubaraz this week.

The current schedule therefore suggests peak loading activity of 16 cargoes on Friday, followed by 14 on Monday, whilst Saturday is looking to be least active with 9 liftings.