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French firm GTT signs storage tanks contract for Arctic LNG

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Gaztransport and Technigaz (GGT), the French LNG containment tank system designer, has signed a contract to provide storage for three gravity-based structures that will form the liquefaction and export operations of the Arctic LNG II project proposed by Novatek of Russia for the Gydan Peninsula.

GTT said it signed a contract with Saren BV, a Russian joint venture comprising Renaissance Heavy Industries Russia and Saipem of Italy related to detailed design and construction of the near-shore plant and its requirements. The contract awarded to GTT concerns the design, construction studies and technical assistance for the containment systems of the LNG and ethane tanks to be installed inside the three GBSs.

The Paris-based company said the first two GBSs will each have two LNG storage tanks of 114,500 cubic metres capacity and one ethane storage tank of 980 cubic metres capacity.

The third GBS will have two LNG storage tanks of 114,500 cubic metres capacity.

The Arctic LNG plant and its associated services will sit on platforms on top of the concrete caissons, which will be attached to the seabed after being floated into place.

GTT said that the LNG containment tanks to be provided would have the company’s GST technology.

The Arctic LNG concrete-based units would be built in a drydock at the Novatek-Murmansk LNG Construction Centre and towed to their final location in northern Siberia and installed.