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Indian LNG buildout

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Jan 13 (LNGJ) – The International Energy Agency said in its energy policy review of India that the Asian nation was likely to have around 16 LNG import terminals in operation over the next seven years. The IEA said it welcomed India’s ambition to increase the share of natural gas in the country’s energy mix to 15 percent by 2030 from 6 percent today.

“India has five operating terminals for liquefied natural gas. Projects under construction could result in up to 11 additional terminals over the next seven years,” said the report. “The role of gas has grown in India’s residential and transport sectors but fallen in power generation, where imported natural gas remains squeezed by cheap renewables and coal,” explained he IEA.

“The government is committed to further liberalising the country’s natural gas market. Strengthening regulatory supervision of upstream, midstream and downstream activities should be part of the market reforms, as it is likely to bring greater efficiency and drive up demand for gas and investment in gas transport infrastructure,” said the report.